La Corriente del Golfo (LCG) is a production company based in Mexico, founded in 2018 by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, focused on the production of projects related to film, TV, theater, and podcasts.

The Gulf Stream brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Atlantic. It is the result of a natural phenomenon caused wind stress, sunlight shining over the ocean, and the rotation of the Earth. It served as a “fast track” for sailors in their trans-oceanic travels. Its circulation keeps marine flora and fauna alive as it travels freely and brings equilibrium to nature along its path. It is also the name of our company.


Gael García Bernal Founding partner

Diego Luna Founding partner

Paula Amor General Manager

Kyzza Terrazas Director of development and creative production

Mariana Rodríguez Cabarga Production director

Fabiola Quintero Director of communication and partnerships

Katia Tort Design director

Lorena Cándano Legal and finances director

Victoria Clay Mendoza Production

Ricardo Giraldo Direction | Podcast

Elvira Liceaga Production coordinator | Podcast

Fernando Peña Production assistant | Podcast

Magali Rocha Donnadieu Assistant | Founding partner

Juliana Saa Assistant | Founding partner

Eva Cárdenas Assistant | General Manager

Mónica Pérez Assistant | Founding partner

María Arguedas Huet Assistant | Production director

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