La Corriente del Golfo is a production company based in Mexico, founded by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, focused on films, TV and podcasts.

The Gulf Stream brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Atlantic. It is the result of a natural phenomenon caused by wind stress, sunlight shining over the ocean, and the rotation of the Earth. It served as a “fast track” for sailors in their trans-oceanic travels. Its circulation keeps marine flora and fauna alive as it travels freely and brings equilibrium to nature along its path. It is also the name of our company.


Gael García Bernal Founding Partner

Diego Luna Founding Partner

Lorena Cándano Legal and Finances Director

Kyzza Terrazas Producer

Santiago Maza Stern Director of Documentary Development

Alejandra Leipen Development Executive

Mónica Pérez Producer

Larisa Argüero Producer

María Arguedas Production coordinator

Leandro Halperín Producer

Fabiola Quintero Director of Communication and Partnerships

Ricardo Giraldo Direction de Podcast

Fernando Peña Production coordinator | Podcast

Montserrat Cattaneo Assistant to Gael García Bernal

Tomás Manterola Executive Assistant to Diego Luna

Victoria Van Quekelberge Assistant to Gael García Bernal

Marty Minnich Development Executive

Statement condemning behaviors of assault, harassment, discrimination, and other forms of violence.

At La Corriente del Golfo, violence and discrimination of any kind are forbidden. Any practice that contravenes these principles is a direct attack against the guidelines laid out in our code of ethics and undermines the policies that rule our company.

Therefore, we embrace our commitment to preserve a collaborative atmosphere, free of violence and discrimination. Our highest priority remains to treat everyone with respect from a perspective of safety, tolerance, and inclusion.

At La Corriente del Golfo, we have instated a Prevention and Response Protocol to address behaviors of assault, harassment, discrimination, and other forms of violence in the audiovisual industry, for the purpose of maintaining an environment of healthy coexistence in all our activities and projects.

We extend an open invitation for all our collaborators to learn about the components of the Protocol, as well as to contact us through our open communication channels if you have any questions about behaviors that may affect your collaborative environment, so that in turn, you can be advised as to how to proceed in response to such behaviors.

At La Corriente del Golfo, we strive to achieve change in the industry, and our actions are oriented towards building a future free of violence and discrimination.

For any questions or comments about this subject, please contact us at: