Bread and Circus

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Bread and Circus

The innovative format of the series has been seldom seen before: the ritual of sharing a meal as a space to engage in dialogue and gather different points of view. The conversations, moderated by Mexican actor and filmmaker Diego Luna will bring together politicians, activists, and different personalities in order to discuss fundamental issues that are of universal interest for contemporary society, accompanied by menus crafted by renowned Mexican chefs. Over the course of seven episodes, the series travels from Baja California, to Puebla, Quintana Roo, and Mexico City, each time laying a new subject on the table to be discussed by our guests. Bread and Circus starts a dialogue on controversial subjects in a context of intimacy and honesty, gathering opposing points of view and positions, that more often than not, end up finding meeting points.


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  • Year 2020
  • Running time 7 episodes
  • Country México
  • Language Spanish
  • Genre Conversation series / Documentary
  • Director and co-producer Gregory Allen
  • Producers Mariana Rodríguez Cabarga, Diego Luna
  • Executive Producers Kyzza Terrazas, Paula Amor, Gael García Bernal
  • Associate Producers Mariana Linares Cruz, Alonso Ruvalcaba, Javiera Balmaceda
  • Line Producer Alejandro Cortés Rubiales
  • Production Company La Corriente del Golfo
  • Content Production Alonso Ruvalcaba
  • Information Manager Mariana linares Cruz
  • Information Coordinator Guillermina Ortiz Cortéz
  • Research Luis Reséndiz
  • Guest Coordination Salvador zaragoza Andrade
  • Editors Cachi Parisi, Miguel Musálem, Fernanda Morales de la Cerda, Aina Calleja Cortés
  • Post-Production Priscila Doncel Albores, Alan Durán Alatorre
  • Cinematography Iván Vilchis Ibarra
  • Art Department Christopher Lagunes
  • Original Score Alejandro Castaños
  • Sound Department / Sound Supervisor Martín Hernández
  • GFX Creative Management Flaminguettes