Discrimination in Spanish

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Bread and Circus travels to Madrid to try to find an answer to a question equally uncomfortable for Latin America and Spain: why is the Conquest hailed as a symbol of glory for some, and as an unanswered grievance for others? The third special of the second season turns to and gathers a plurality of Spanish-American voices to talk about Discrimination in Spanish.

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  • Year 2022
  • Country México
  • LanguageEspañol
  • Genre Serie de conversaciones / Documental
  • Format Serie de 4 especiales
  • Production houseLa Corriente del Golfo and Amazon Prime Video
  • DirectionDiego Luna
  • Producción Mariana Rodríguez Cabarga, Diego Luna
  • Editorial DirectorPaula Amor
  • Development ExecutiveJuliana Saa
  • Editorial DirectorMariana Linares Cruz
  • Line ProducerAlejandro Cortés Rubiales
  • Research CounselorAndrea Aguilar
  • Director BTSSantiago Maza
  • Director of PhotographyIván Vilchis Ibarra
  • Lead EditorMiguel Musálem
  • Sound designSuso Ramallo
  • PostproducerPriscila Doncel Albores