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Original idea by Gael García Bernal and Pablo Montaño

The Issue

The six-episode, documentary web series deals with the fundamental aspects of the climate crisis in Mexico through the stories and experiences of environmental activists, human rights advocates, indigenous communities, academics, and non-profit organizations. Two witnesses, actor, producer and director Gael García Bernal and writer and linguist Yásnaya Aguilar, will weave the different stories together and reflect on the impact of each of the problems discussed in the show.


The shorts are framed by the ecosystems and natural landscapes threatened by human impact in different parts of the country. The shorts will revolve around the following subjects: Water, in Chihuahua; Air, in Monterrey; Carbon, in Coahuila; Oceans, in Cozumel; Energy, in Tabasco; and Food, in Chapala. Each episode centers on a specific issue and interlinks visions, strategies and actions in order to propose a possible future that takes the environment into account as part of the country’s political agenda.


The Issue is available at, as well as in La Corriente del Golfo’s YouTube channel, where each of the episodes will soon be available for free. The releases are scheduled as follows: Water, on April 13; Air, on April 20; Carbon, on April 27; Energy, on May 4; Oceans, on May 11; and Food, on May 18.

Produced by


With the participation of

Yásnaya Aguilar and Gael García Bernal.


  • Year 2021
  • Country Mexico
  • Language Spanish
  • Genre Documentary short film
  • Format six-episode series
  • Original Idea Gael García Bernal and Pablo Montaño Beckmann
  • Director Santiago Maza
  • Producers Gael García Bernal, Magali Rocha Donnadieu, Pablo Montaño and Mariana Rodríguez Cabarga
  • Production Company La Corriente del Golfo
  • Screenplay Pablo Montaño Beckmann
  • Cinematography Gabriel Serra and Odei Zabaleta
  • Music Leo Heiblum and Jacobo Lieberman
  • Sound Department Editor Misael Hernández and Enrique Domínguez
  • Editor Julián Sarmiento
  • Postproduction Priscila Doncel

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