MUBI Podcast: Encounters | T3

MUBI Podcast: Encounters | T3


Leading voices from Latin American cinema and culture come together in this space to think about their own methods and processes for approaching the craft, talk about their personal and intimate experiences, and reflect on films and filmmakers that have influenced or inspired their work.

The second season of Encuentros is made up of informal dialogues in episodes of approximately 1 hour in length. Deep conversations between colleagues, in a space where people can speak freely.

It is an invitation to be part of an encounter between two people who share their love for cinema.



Presented by

MUBI and La Corriente del Golfo Podcast

  • Idea Efe Cakarel, Sandra Gómez, Jon Barrenechea and Ricardo Giraldo
  • Production and supervisionRicardo Giraldo
  • Executive producersEfe Cakarel, Sandra Gómez, Jon Barrenechea, Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal and Paula Amor
  • Sound Javier Umpiérrez
  • Original score Andrés Solís
  • Voice Elvira Liceaga
  • Research, script and transcriptsAndrés Suárez
  • Production coordinator, script and transcriptions Fernando Peña


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